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What is Micro-Surfacing?

One of the fastest growing, most cost effective ways to prolong pavement life and provide a safe traveling surface is a process called Micro-Surfacing. Micro-surfacing applies a durable, polymer-modified asphalt seal to roads that have begun to show signs of aging and minor distress. The Micro-surfacing application helps to slow the natural breakdown of the existing road surface and can extend the lifespan of the road by several years.

What are the benefits of Micro-Surfacing?

Some notable benefits of Micro-surfacing include:

  • Completely restores pavement to uniform black color, providing "newly-paved" appearance
  • Quick set-up translates to excellent application for high volume, high-speed pavements
  • Accurate, ultra-thin application eliminates need for utility adjustments, milling at curb lines or concerns for bridge clearances
  • Minimal disruption to traveling public and local residents

What is the Micro-Surfacing Process?

The Micro-surfacing process is quite simple:

  • Applied with specially-designed and calibrated machines, Micro-surfacing covers the existing pavement quickly and precisely.
  • Mixing and spreading of the micro-surfacing materials is accomplished in a single, continuous operation, minimizing the disruption of traffic.
  • The unique blend of asphalt polymers and quick-setting asphalt emulsion allows for the road to be re-opened to traffic literally minutes after the Micro-surface is applied.

Micro-surfacing can also be applied in lifts to eliminate minor surface irregularities in the road and for leveling minor wheel ruts. It is used regularly to make roads safe by improving the skid resistant characteristics of worn, smooth pavement. With a seven-to-ten year lifespan, Micro-surfacing has become one of the most cost-effective and comprehensive pavement maintenance practices available.

By using Micro-surfacing at the right time of pavement distress, we can eliminate the need to apply additional layers of hot mix asphalt. There is no milling of old asphalt materials, no material is removed from the project site, and the only trucking is from a localized staging area. Because the only construction equipment on the project site are the application trucks, these advantages make micro-surfacing an environmentally sound operation.

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Microsurfacing Crew Micro-surfacing in residential area of Exeter Township Pennsylvania.
Micro-surfacing in residential area of Exeter Township, Pennsylvania.

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